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There are many ways you can get involved.

GAIN intends to run regular volunteer activities throughout spring and summer that will include park litter collection and stream clear out as well as holding some fundraising activities so we will need additional volunteers to help our dedicated volunteer committee.

If you can help with bulb planting, minor maintenance work or fundraising activities contact a committee member or phone Gail on 810 518.

Becoming a member

If you support what we do, share the same interests and are willing to help, then why not join GAIN. Any one who is willing to help in any way is welcome to contact us - if you can give an hour a month as a member of the committee or only an hour a year to help with painting at the park - your support allows us to achieve more every year.


All you need to do is contact us, we'll be delighted to have you on board!


All our regular committee meetings are open to all and anyone who wishes to join is welcome at any time - just phone Gail on 810 518 or Joanne 810 357.


Our AGM was on Monday 25th February 2013 where those present heard of the successful year and helped plan ahead for 2013.

Volunteer committee members and other volunteers enjoying a Willow Workshop