Volunteer your Time




The most direct way of supporting us is by giving up some time to get involved! If you are willing to pick up rubbish, help with painting or minor maintenance or become a member of the management committee to plan new activities please get in touch




Young people have always been involved with helping at the park - with painting the tunnels or the snakes 'n' ladders board, picking up litter or clearing ragwort!


Look out for our advertised Green Gym Activities where you can come along and give a hand - or just get in touch! We are happy for any offers of help!


Other ways you can help are by making a donation.


We are not funded by the council and need to raise all funds for maintenance ourselves.


We carefully manage our funds to ensure the greatest good for our beneficiaries.


We are very grateful for the various donations and gifts of money GAIN has been given.


Thanks especially to Murdo Murray, a local fisherman, who donated £1,000 for the Eoropie Dunes Park and GAIN is grateful for the support from our four local councillors who have allocated part of their ward money to GAIN for maintenance of the park.




There are a variety of ways that you can making donation.

  • In the donation box at the entrance to the park
  • In a collecting canister found in many local shops
  • By regular direct debit
  • Annual contributions as a Friend of Eoropie Dunes Park
  • Project-specific donation (We have recently fundraised to replace two rockers and provide a new climbing net!)
  • Tax-free giving
  • Remember us in your will

Call us on 01851 810357 to find out more about how to make your payments or the tax benefits of giving to charity.


We hope to have Just Giving available soon. Watch this space!

In-kind Donations

GAIN have recently been delighted to accept the help of David and Hazel Roberts from Galson Farm who heard we had some vandalism at the park and kindly offered to pay for the repairs! Thank you!


Bardon Hebrides has also recently assisted with laying the foundations of a new climbing net. Manpower was given as part of the M80 volunteering in communities project. This donation has been greatly appreciated by GAIN.


Other donations include the use of specialised equipment and expertise and offering GAIN special rates for services - allowing our hard earned money to go further. Thanks for all this help!






GAIN works hard to fundraise. We apply for various grants. However, it is almost impossible to get grants to maintain the park - so we rely on donations and fundraising.

Photo-gallery - Volunteers in action:

Some volunteering and fundraising activities