Every year GAIN runs Green Gym days where volunteers help with enviromental and conservation work to improve the park whilst getting active and healthier.


These activities included shovelling sand, painting fences or equipment and planting willows.


Our first Green Gym activity for 2013 was on Saturday 30th March where we added sand around the equipment to make better safer surfacing.


The next Green Gym Activity was a Stream Clean - on Saturday 11th May which was greatly enjoyed by all the helpers young and old.


Then PLANTING WILD FLOWERS on Sat 10th August and a few subsequent dates


BULB PLANTING was the Green Gym activity for October along with a WILLOW WORKSHOP on Saturday 26th October


The final Green Gym Day for 2013 was planned for Sat 16th November for SAND TOP-UP. 


We will run monthly GREEN GYM DAYS throughout 20014. Please come along if you'd like to get fitter in the fresh air and help make the park better.


The GAIN committee and volunteer helpers will be at the park (usually the first Saturday of each month spring - autumn) from 10-12 and will provide refreshments. Come Along! It will be fun! All Ages Welcome!



Sand Top Up



Helpers young and old helped top up sand around the equipment to make it safer for children. Everyone had good fun and enjoyed getting a bit of exercise in the fresh air. All agreed the park looked much nicer as well as being safer.

Comments made include: "Met new people and good to work and chat with everyone (all ages)", "Enjoyed by children and adults".

Stream Clean





In May 30 helpers gathered to clean out littler from the streams in the play park. With so many helpers of all ages this was soon complete - so we carried on clean up the stream all the way to the beach.

Well Done Everyone!

Next activity is the Village Clean Up where GAIN members in partnership with the PTA will clean up ditches and around the villages of Ness.

PILOT GREEN GYM ACTIVITIES - completed in 2012

Over the summer of 2012 GAIN ran a number of pilot Green Gym activities at Eoropie Dunes Park. 


All were greatly enjoyed and participants said they felt more connected and liked meeting new people.

Over 280 hours were spent worth £1500 of volunteer effort. WELL DONE!







GAIN held a Litter Collection and Stream Clean Up in May 12th.  Over 30 people were seen busy with gloves and plastic bin bags, helping to improve the environment in and around Eoropie Dunes Park. 40 bags of rubbish from the park, stream and beach were collected and the event was enjoyed by everyone who volunteered.







33 helpers were involved and spent over 40 hours topping up the sand safer surfacing around the equipment. Many thanks to everyone who helped.


Comments from volunteers included " Beats the inside gym", "Good community spirit", " Good to see different age groups working together."






 13 helpers spent 20 hours improving the maze walkways. We topped up sand and pulled out weeds to improve the appearace and safety of the maze.






50 hours of fun were spent by 8 participants planting Williow. Dawn Susan (Hebridean Baskets) taught us about different types of willow and helped us plant the willow in test beds and to make a living willow wall or fedge. It was hard work - but great fun!