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The refurbishment of the park is now complete.


New equipment was installed during 2013 and 2014 and some old things eg the embankment slide were replaced with shiny new ones. There's also a new gazebo (outdoor classroom) so you can shelter if caught in the rain!


The equipment was chosen to expand the range of play opportunities with something for everyone - including a new rota bounce and cantelever swing which can be used by 4 teenagers (or even more) at one time - and is also suitable for those with special needs. Thank you for the ideas you gave us during the consultation and please keep the ideas coming.......if there are other pieces of equipment or activities you would like to see at the park - please let us know.

Men at Work

Funding for Activities

In 2013 Guth Airson Iarrtasan Nis has further developed the four acre Eoropie Dunes Park to encourage more use of the park and we also ran a programme of activities to bring the community together.


In addition to adding new equipment we upgraded paths and signage and planted willow and wild flowers.


A range of exciting activities in 2013, 2014 and 2015 included Community Events and  Family Fun Days at the park – more are planned - come back here to check details.


GAIN held regular Green Gym days monthly from spring to autumn – where volunteers help with environmental work and get fit. More are planned where the Green Gym Day is generally on the first Saturdays of the month from 10-12 when volunteers of all ages are welcome to help with various activities to keep the park safe and looking great!.




Bardon Hebrides help with installation of net climber

In 2012 Bardon Hebrides kindly assisted with laying the foundations for the new 18 foot tall net climber recently purchased by GAIN with a grant from the local authority, CnES. Thanks for the manpower and your generous donation of the 8 tons of concrete! See pictures below.

The climbing net is now up and ready to use. Happy Climbing!