Youth Work

"Roots + Wings is a youth group based in Ness. We aim to create a better life for our members through encouraging a more active and healthy lifestyle with better friendships. But most of all we aim to have FUN!!!"   

                                                             Quote from youth group member aged 15



Youth Work Projects now Closed!!

The Youth Work projects GAIN was running are now closed. If there is enough demand for further youth development work GAIN would consider supporting further projects providing we have the man-power!

All our projects offer opportunities for young people to learn, develop skills and healthier lifestlyes. Each activity is designed to benefit the wider community.

Our programme of activities are chosen and led by the young people themselves - they are supported to allow them to develop ideas and turn dreams into realities.



Roots + Wings ReUnited


A group of teenagers so enjoyed the Roots + Wings programme previously run by GAIN that they asked if GAIN would help them set up a new group as they had loads of ideas for fun projects. GAIN was happy to support these youngsters who now meet regularly to plan and deliver the initiatives outlined below.


In summer 2013 GAIN submitted a funding bid to Young Start and secured a grant to support further activities - with an inter-generational focus. Of all the activities the inter-gerational activities always scored highest on evaluations - being enjoyed by the young people and appreciated by the older generation. 

Volunteering at Gala Day




Teenagers helped with Stalls and Facepainting at the Ness Gala Day on 29th June. It was a very successful day and raised valuable funds to maintain the local playpark. GAIN would like to thank all the helpers - especially the teenagers who devoted a Saturday afternoon to help others.....and had some fun!

Ceum air Cheum (Step by Step)

In 2013 a group of enthusiastic teenagers came together to plan and run a series of activities for the youngest to the oldest in our community.


This included a programme of fun walks funded by Awards for All, BIG Lottery fund.

These included:

A Clean Up, Stream Scramble, Moon Walk, Treasure Hunt, Wave of Kindness (where we deliver goodie bags to elderly housebound), Toddle Waddle and much more! Many will occur as part of the Community Activity Days planned by GAIN for 2013.


The organisation of these walks was lead by the young people with support and supervision from GAIN. The Health Promotion Department also supported this initiative by running walk leadership training and offering their expertise.


With these walks we aimed to encourage more people to get fit and active, especially those who do not participate in traditional sports or fitness activities. We provided a range of activities where there was something for everyone from the oldest to the youngest. By offering inter-generational activities we also aimed to establish links between the generations, build respect and friendships and therefore strengthen the community.


Fun at Scaladale



Roots + Wings Reunited have been busy. We had an Outdoor Adventure at Scaladale on the Isle of Harris. The girls went Gorge Scrambling and we also did some Kayaking and went on a Moon Walk.....It was REALLY fun!

It's a Knockout


A crazy night of fun with water bombs, pies in the face and yukky challenges got Primary 6 & 7 active at Eoropie Dunes Park recently. A dozen youngsters braved the challenging course set by the older girls - but then got their own back by pelting them with eggs and water pistols! We did warn you it would be messy!!


See picture below: Would you sit in this mixture of food? These crazy kids did!



There were lots of strange creatures at the Lionel School Halloween Party including some Zombies! It was pretty scary but it was the lights suddenly going out that made the kids scream!

Some children quickly realised that these Zombies were in fact the Roots + Wings ReUnited girls who applied the skills learnt at a Special Effects workshop hosted by Youth Scotland with scars and bruises and lots of blood!

The Zombies did a dance performance then many pupils went on a Zombie Walk around Sporsnis..... a strange sight but it was Halloween!


This activity marked the 50th Anniversary of the Lewis and Harris Youth Club Association that support GAIN in running Roots + Wings.


The Roots + Wings girls organised another scary walk around Eoropie  as a Ghost Trail for Primary 5 and older. It was great fun....but not scary enough (I'm told) although I did hear one or two participants had some strange dreams!! 





Roots + Wings ReUnited organised and ran a Treasure Hunt at the recent Pirates and Princesses Fancy Dress Day at the park - as part of Ceum air Cheum. There was one Treasure Hunt arranged for Princesses ran by Katie and the other for rowdy pirates was supervised by Careena. Clues were hidden all over the park - so everyone was running from one end to the other. Great fun! Good Job girls!




Toddle Waddle


As part of the Fun Day Roots + Wings ReUnited organised a Toddle Waddle around the perimeter of Lionel School. Even the young ones enjoyed it! All ages were involved and the route was supervised by the teenagers. Well Done Girls!

Walking a Wave of Kindness

Roots + Wings ReUnited planned and undertook a Walk a Wave of Kindness. We had planned it as a walking activity with two groups each walking a 5K circuit to promote our work and deliver gifts of fresh home baking to people with mobility or health issues or to those of an impressive age who had interesting stories to tell.

Unfortunately the weather was very changeable and only one adult was available to support the group so the walk was abandoned - and we went by Landrover. However, the activity was greatly enjoyed by the girls and appeared to be appreciated by those who we visited.


In June 2013 Roots + Wings Re-United completed Active Citizens training. In conjunction with Third Sector Hebrides we had a great weekend of fun training where we focused on:

Me>Me and You>We Together>Project Planning>Locally Engaged, Globally Connected!


Through this programme we developed: 

~ a strong sense of our culture and identity

~ knowledge and understanding of the local community

~ responsibility towards sustainable development


The next step is to use this learning in project planning, to develop leadership and management skills but above all to value and work effectively with difference!


Roots and Wings Re-United members are now all ACTIVE CITIZENS!

Working in Partnership

Include Us

Roots + Wings ReUnited also worked with Include Us which was set up by the local authority to facilitate youth development and encourage life skills.


Through this initiative Roots+Wings ReUnited members have completed their Food Hygeine Course and gained certificates as well as their First Aid.


Working with Others

Roots + Wings ReUnited has also participated in a consultation exercise by the Galson Estate Trust to inform a funding strategy for the estate. Some also participated in a photo competition called The Good, The Bad and The Ugly where they captured in a photograph something on the estate that is good/bad/ugly. The finalists of the competition then met to discuss which of the things identified as bad and ugly can be addressed - and the visual appearance of the estate improved.


Many of the young people identified the beaches as being "Good". The most important issues identified were litter, scrap metal and graffitti although old derelict buildings and falling down fences were also thought to be unappealing. Check out the Facebook page for this project or check the Urras website for more information.


GAIN and Roots+Wings ReUnited did a Stream Clean in May and also a Litter Collection in partnership with the Lionel School PTA who hold an annual Clean Up.

The original Roots+Wings Programme is now complete.


The 4 year programme of activities finished in November 2011.

The activities that were enjoyed the most are shown below and include:

Sale of Work in aid of Epilepsy Association

Camping at the Beach

It's a Knock Out at the Park

Wave of Kindness - where goody bags were delivered to elderly housebound